Q: What is Toronto Beer Week?

Toronto Beer Week is a ten-year-old Toronto celebration of the craft beer movement in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Amazing bars and breweries sign up to take part in the week long festivities by hosting amazing events all week long.

Q: What’s new for Toronto Beer Week 2019?

TBW is back September 13–22 and it’s a big year: Toronto Beer Week is turning 10! In addition to what you’ve come to expect from previous editions of the festival, we’ll be launching some new opportunities. Toronto Life is back as media partner to help engage craft beer lovers and offer direct access to their audiences.

Q: How can I get a copy of the Toronto Beer Week guide?

The Toronto Beer Week guide is available in LCBO’s across the GTA starting August 30th. You can also see Toronto Life’s roundup of TBW establishments in the September issue.

Q: How can I get more information about Toronto Beer Week?

If you own a bar or brewery sign up for Toronto Beer Week to get more involved! If you’d like to attend a TBW event check our events page. For any additional questions or to see how you can get involved email info@torontobeerweek.com