Six Steps for the Perfect Toronto Pub Crawl

  1. Budget one hour per stop, including walking time. Adopt a one and done mentality and your crawl will be moving along at a decent pace. Pick locations within a short walk of each other (there is no shortage within the city) – and an optimal walk time should be no more than twenty minutes.
  2. Eat. One of the best crawls I’ve ever been on included a pretzel necklace. The speed of your crawl may make it hard to wolf down some food at a stop, but we all know that alcohol and empty stomachs are uneasy bedfellows. Eating on the go may be the answer, whether something from home or a quick takeout bite.
  3. Drink plenty of water. This is something you can do at a bar. More bathroom breaks, but a better morning after.
  4. Choose your time wisely. Think about when a bar may be too busy or too quiet for your liking and adjust accordingly. Service might. be slow in a playoff game, but the mood may de ate in an empty space.
  5. Choose your crawlers with even more wisdom. You’re spending several hours with these people, and they’ll be drinking for several hours, keep that in mind when you assemble your crew.
  6. Be safe. Know your limits and drink within it. A crawl is not really much of a crawl until bar three is hit, by which point you may have drank three pints already. Skip driving and arrange safe transportation home.

Photo credit: hopsolutely