Official Beer of Toronto Beer Week 2016: The Interloper

Every year we collaborate with a local brewery to brew and release a special beer which we serve during Toronto Beer Week.

Earlier this year, the TBW and Indie Alehouse teams got together over a few pints to brainstorm some beer ideas, marketing concepts and beer labels.  And what did we come up with? Something we think tastes great and ties very well into this year’s TBW theme.  We can’t wait for you to try it!

Here’s the label description:

“The INTERLOPER is the official beer of TBW 2016 made in collaboration with The Indie Alehouse. This beer is a barrel aged and blended non-traditional take on the Farmhouse style ale, which like the great city of Toronto, defies description. A beer, and a city that are complex, a mixture of cultural influences and tastes, balancing a rich flavour while being approachable for everyone. The INTERLOPER does not quite fit a traditional description, and may be gone soon, but can be enjoyed during TBW while it lasts.”

This year’s beer will be officially released on Friday, September 16th! Once you get a chance to try it, we would love to hear what you think! Tweet us @TorontoBeerWeek and use the hashtag “#TBW2016Beer”.

Brewed in collaboration with:

Where can I find the beer?

The official TBW beer will be available at select participating TBW bars, select LCBO’s and the Indie Alehouse bottle shop.

Enjoy a pint at these select participating TBW bars*:

Barhop Brewco.
Bar Volo
C’est What
Indie Alehouse
The Grover Pub
The Loose Moose
The Only Cafe
The Wren
… and more to come.

*Availability subject to change.