In Their Own Words: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Since the first Toronto Beer Week back in 2010, we have seen incredible growth in the number of breweries that have opened and the establishments who are serving locally produced beer.

One of our guiding principles is to promote and encourage the appreciation of craft beer and to support local craft breweries and the establishments that serve craft beer by promoting products to existing and new craft beer consumers.

We asked some of this year’s Toronto Beer Week partners a few questions about TBW to gain a little more insight into their business and involvement with TBW. In their own words is Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Why did you decide to sign up for Toronto Beer Week?

Toronto Beer Week does a great job of advancing the cause of craft beer! We partner with the pubs and restaurants who participate in Toronto Beer Week, and together we can support the movement and the overall beer culture in the City of Toronto.

If you’ve been part of TBW before, what value do you see in participating?

There’s always power in numbers. When everyone is working together to draw attention to craft beer, the success will multiply exponentially. There’s a lot of value in participating but a big bonus for sure is found in that camaraderie, the experience of working alongside our colleagues and friends to create an awesome week of beer in Toronto.

What thoughts go into your planning for TBW events? Can you share a sneak peak into what you are planning?

Beau’s is turning 10 years old on July 1, so we’re celebrating that in a number of ways all year long, and you can bet that our Toronto Beer Week events will be inspired by that birthday and everything that is going to go along with it. That’s as much as we can say for now.

What are you looking forward to this September during TBW?

Good beer, and great conversations! We love meeting craft beer enthusiasts, fans of Beau’s, and people exploring craft beer for the first time. It’s always a highlight when we can chat with them over pints. We also like seeing what everyone else in the industry brews up, and tasting it too!

Any thoughts on the Toronto craft beer scene in 2016?

It’s an incredibly exciting time in craft beer with new breweries, brew pubs, and craft beer bars opening all the time. The community is innovative and growing, and we’re proud to be part of it.

Since 2006 Beau’s All Natural has been brewing interesting, tasty beers like our Lug Tread Lagered Ale using the best ingredients & local spring water. Our family takes pride in creating unique, wonderful and certified organic craft beer, conceived with honest consideration for the environment and our local communities, and delivered with a sense of friendly relationship. We are an award-winning, local, family-run, organic, and independent brewery.